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    ِDescription  MESC / Order No. Shap Description  MESC / Order No. Shap
    Whole Box   Socket Set 291-073
    Manual Relese 291-225   Coupler  
    Current Seprator   Sealant Injection Fitting    
    Stellited Plug & Stem Poit Vlave
    Stellited Plug & Stem   Piston Rod C-252
    Aluminium Coupling Throttle Bushing
    Giant Button  291-116   Sleeve With TICN  
    Greases Fitting  2654 Pressuer Ring  
    Valve for Fan Positioner  291-119 Plug Liner & Stem
    Screw Drive  291-137 Stem Guide
    Adapter For Ball Valve 2" Stem For gate Valve  
    Bonnet for ball Valve 2" Screw and Nut 3621
    Part For Ball Valve 2" Bonnet Bussing  2546
    Seat & Ball 2" with ENP Stem Size 8x6x8in
    Labyrinth Ring Bonnet Sleev 8" ,10" 2831
    Seat & Plug for PSV valve 291.134 Disc for Piston Check valve 4"
    Level Switch Inclosing Tube 291.014 Liner with ENP  2650
    Disc Bowl Bearing  3634  
    Pump Shaft Stem For Ball valve1/2"  
    Flexible Coupling Gland 2837
    Sleeve with stellited surface
    Sleev Oil Ring #150  
    Shaft 1/2" for Weir#2500 2777   Stem 1" For Thevigont Ball Valve 2777  
    Shaft 1" for Weir #1500 2777   Stem 1/2" For Thevigont Ball Valve #1500 2777  
    Shaft 1" for Weir #2500 2777   Stem 1" For Thevigont Ball Valve #1500 2777  
    Spare for Pump  2743 Shaft Sleev  2741
    Outer Seatring 16x12x16 2647 Lenght Shaft2 1/2"X1 1/2" 3638
    Injection Body  2743 Shaft  3626

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