“Welcome to PSDS Industries” 

Who we are

The PSDS has been known as an engineering and technical company, our Technical services are domestic and all the sales and technically network guide via the headquarter, our network teams with different branches for seals and technically services have been expanded in our territory.

Outsourcing method is the way for better serviced for customers that we are experienced on it and now more than 50 Small certified workshops are in our teamwork to serving different technical and engineering and consulting services. 
our network teams 7 days on week to  serve the better services for customers . 

Why choose PSDS

We are able to cover all your requirements and simplify your purchase as well as reduce and optimize your costs significantly in several areas with a vast number of well-known manufacturers and suppliers. Profit from the advantages resulting from cost-effective purchases and simplified, worldwide logistics- whether abroad or locally. We attain the best prices for you, monitor the delivery process, take care of local customs clearance, organize shipping and settle bills as agreed upon in our offers.
Moreover, reverse engineering capabilities for obsoleted and customized parts has abled us to keep the customer satisfaction.

PSDS Departments 

Technical & Engineering : Our technical and engineering support staff are available to assist you through every stage of the product life-cycle; from design, production and development through qualification and production into service.
We provide full-service engineering, construction, operations and maintenance support to clients in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power sectors. The support package we offer for our clients allows our customers to focus on their core competencies, enabling them to maximize their efficiency.

Trading : Is a global Dep. specializing in the procurement of spare parts and equipment used in the Oil, Gas, Power and Petrochemical Industries. Our comprehensive range of services provides innovative, effective, strategic and cost efficient solutions to all our clients’ technical and management needs. We combine technology, experience, and an abiding commitment to teamwork to meet the needs of our clients.
With its many years of professional experience, PSDS covers your needs for European, American and Asian components and spare parts. Whether you are a retailer, a machinery manufacturer, an engineering firm or an end user, PSDSoffers everyone its profitable service.

What we offer

Whether our clients are involved in Oil Production,Petrochemical processing or Gas treatment, we can help them to source their requested items at the best prices and with the shortest delivery times. We are committed to source and deliver items at the most competitive prices and the shortest possible time, as we want repeated business. A number of our staff have been involved in the Oil & Gas sector for over 20 years, and have an extensive background in dealing with the vast range of items used in this industry. Our global experience gives us the advantage to offer our expertise in all continents around the globe, including, Asia and Middle East.
Please explore our wide ranging product and services portfolio and contact our teams to discuss any of your  requirements.

PSDS slogan is “Sharing Experience, Rising Performance "