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    PSDS machine shop is a well-equipped general machining facility. The machines range from a Hollow Spindle CNC machine to standard DSG Type Manual Lathes.
    PSDS not only provides machining support to the valve and connector industries activities but also to the various other industries within too. A portion of the machine shop capacity is dedicated to the ongoing support to the various projects which PSDS undertake throughout the region.
     To support our facility, we are authorized by the following bodies to manufacture and repair their products.

    • API SPEC Q1-5CT
    • API SPEC Q1-6A
    • API SPEC Q1- 7API SPEC Q1-16A

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The First Signals sent through internet connect brain of 1 person to another
1st human brain-to-brain interface conducted, say researchers American researchers say they’ve performed what they believe is the first ever human-to-human brain interface, where one person was able to send a brain signal to trigger the hand motions of another person
News and Updates      Steven       Friday 5 September 2014 13:29

Coming Up the PSDS Industries Website before end of the September ""
The PSDS Industries web site will be uploading until end of the September For any question you can get in touch via "" it will be our appreciated it you let us know about your opinion
News and Updates      Steven       Thursday 4 September 2014 6:30

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