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  • Specialists in Electroless Nickel Plating 

    “ PSDS COAT10  ” is the trade name of our quality phosphorus- Nickel metal alloy coating. We undertake coating of customer parts ranging from small fasteners to large rollers and Chemical Equipment.

    PSDS COAT10:- 
    A New and unique Engineering Plating is a Job shop where we do Electroless Nickel plating on customer parts equipment, We are the pioneers in this field (for metallic balls from Size 1” to 36“) and besides being the most experienced.

    Our plating – called “ PSDS COAT10 ” and technically known as Electroless Nickel – is an unusual plating because it does not have the handicaps of conventional Electroplating, and offers the following:

    Read more here and Download 


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1st human brain-to-brain interface conducted, say researchers American researchers say they’ve performed what they believe is the first ever human-to-human brain interface, where one person was able to send a brain signal to trigger the hand motions of another person
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Coming Up the PSDS Industries Website before end of the September ""
The PSDS Industries web site will be uploading until end of the September For any question you can get in touch via "" it will be our appreciated it you let us know about your opinion
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