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  • Choke Valves

    API 6D & API 6A
    API 6D Sizes: 1” up to 10”
    API 6D Pressure Range: ASME 150-600


    Positive Choke: Positive Choke type, is designed for maximum performance under critical condition. Typical application includes wellheads and well testing, manifolds process facilities and other demanding services.

    Needle type: Adjustable Choke type, is designed for high performance in critical applications such as gas well high pressure drops, abrasive flow and corrosive conditions. Typical applications include wellheads and well testing, manifolds, heaters, critical service.

    Cage typeControl cage Choke type, is designed to provide precise flow control throughout its entire operating range. These choke valves are with cage and external sleeve trim design and are suitable for single or multiphase liquid and gas service. Typical applications include Christmas trees, manifold, water injection and gas lift. The standard flow characteristic is equal percentage, but we can supply also the linear characteristic upon request.

    Rotary type: Control Rotary  Choke type, is designed to provide precise flow control throughout its entire operating range. The throttling mechanism astonishes for its simplicity. Two circular discs of hardened material. Each disc has a pair of precise orifices placed in such a manner that when one disc is fixed in the valve body, the other may be rotated through 90° to expose all or part of the orifice’s flow area. 
    This system also insures a tight shut-off when the orifices of one disc are covered by the blank portions of the other

    If there is a valve you have question on, or if you do not see a valve that meets your specifications, please contact our sales staff for immediate assistance.

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